Leo Muellner is a painter of history, politics, and memory. While rooted in the tradition of the epic narrative, his work is more historiographic than historical. There is still a tragic story to be told, but it is far more important to convey the place these dramas hold in our own warped imaginations. While Ilya Repin or Eugene Delacroix sought to part the waters of time to reveal the event as it happened—”here’s how Saint Nicholas saved the condemned!“—“It was just so when the crusaders entered Constantinople!”– he seek to capture the very distortions and refractions that decades of war, revolution, repression, hope, cynicism and commoditization have piled upon the distant acts.  Along with grand historical paintings Muellner’s catalog of work includes landscape drawings and paintings, small books and pen and ink cartoons.  Muellner lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is the Visual and Performing Arts Professional Developer for the Cambridge Public Schools.

Email: leomuellner@gmail.com